Hi there, I'm Tiffany - welcome to my personal site/blog! 

I'm a PhD student at Stanford using computer science, network analysis, and big social media data to study the intersection of emotion, culture, and decision-making, specifically in the labs of Jeanne Tsai and Brian Knutson. I'm especially interested in the role of emotions in the popularity of cultural products, from memes to movies to literature, across cultures and across time. Before coming to Stanford, I majored in computer science at Yale and was in Marvin Chun's lab using whole brain networks to predict things about you (attention, personality, etc). 

But other than research, I spend sometimes a disproportionate amount of time reading. My favorite class in college was Victorian Novel, which reignited my love for reading as I blazed through 3000+ pages of dense prose in 3 months. I also deeply appreciate subtly musical quotes that you find yourself repeating as you walk mindlessly from place to place. 

This site is my attempt to think more deeply, to learn more fully, to capture content and feelings more precisely and expressively, and to constantly be "in transition" - from places to places, from ideas to ideas, from old to new. Shoot me a message to chat about neuroscience, research, cultural/race/social issues, books, technology, interesting niche places, or anything really - I'd love to hear!